Thanks For Your Submission!


Thanks for submitting your music for review and subscribing to the Project Rock & Roll Newsletter.  You will receive a confirmation email shortly.  You will need to click the confirm link in order to complete the process.

I will work through the submissions in the order I receive them and contact you at the email you provided on the form shortly.  If you have any questions hit me up at:

I sincerely hope you enjoy the PR&R mailing list.  I’m extremely stoked to spread the word about great music!  I am obsessed with applying the DIY attitude to my music.  I’m always learning, experimenting and implementing cool techniques for recording, marketing and promoting my own band.  I’m excited to share resources and report on what has worked, what hasn’t and things learned along the way with fellow musicians who are serious about taking control of their own destinies.

I’ll yak more at you soon…

- Daniel

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