Getting Your Music Reviewed

How To Get Your Music Reviewed On PR&R

Hello!  Here’s the deal I’ve got going on right now.  To potentially have your music on PR&R, all you have to do sign up for my mailing list using the special signup form to the right ===>

You gotta use that form because it collects a little more information than the subscription forms on the rest of the site.

I work on a small batch of reviews every couple of weeks.  I’ll keep you informed via the mailing list: I include links to the latest reviews and I also announce who is in the next batch.  This process isn’t particularly fast so give me quite a while.  If after a month or so you haven’t been reviewed and you haven’t heard from me, drop me an email at  I try to communicate with everyone but, hey.  Sometimes I get lost.

Here are some things you should know about Project Rock & Roll music reviews:

  • I don’t guarantee a glowing review.
    • I’ll give a completely honest review.  That said, one thing that has always pissed me off is when I’m reading a negative review and I get the distinct impression that the reviewer just doesn’t like that style of music.  If your music really, really isn’t my thing I might suggest another site more geared toward your style, but I’m not going to write a scathing review – unless, you know, your whole record is dedicated to besmirching my grandmother’s reputation.
  • I don’t review every submission.  A sample of reasons why:
    • See above.
    • Due to time limitations sometimes I end up choosing to review one band over another for completely arbitrary reasons.

That should about cover it!

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