Rhythm Guitar Rules!

Robert Johnson

Hands of the rhythm master Redefine Rhythm Guitar Have you ever been talking to a guitar player and they say something like “aw I just play rhythm” in a slightly embarrassed tone?  Or even worse is when somebody refers to you as “just the rhythm guitar player” as if you’re second rate.  It’s a commonly encountered view that rhythm guitar is somehow inferior to lead.  Like anybody who is content with rhythm guitar just isn’t capable of playing lead guitar.  As if only beginners play rhythm. Well, I call bullshit on that.  Rhythm guitar is a totally separate skill that … Continue reading

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DIY Recording – 5 Free Resources

Recording Engineer

You Can Record Yourself Whether trying to preserve rough brainstorms or record a magnum opus, we musicians always have recording on our minds.  It’s never been easier to make a decent recording in your apartment or garage and turn around and start selling it on the internet.  Among all of the incredible opportunities brought on by the rise of cheap gear and the internet one thing that hasn’t changed is that it still takes skill to make your recordings sound good.  Knowing what to do with your equipment is arguably more important than what kind of gear you have.  Even … Continue reading

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Rock and Roll 101: Dr. Feelgood

Dr. Feelgood

The London Pub Scene Back in the early 1970′s, among a variety of British music scenes, the phenomenon known as “pub bands” had it’s day in the sun.  These bands were generally rhythm and blues outfits who plied their special brand of rock at a specific group of London pubs.  One of the best pub bands was called Dr. Feelgood.  The first time you hear one of their classic songs you feel a pang of embarrassment that you haven’t been a die hard fan all along. Back to Basics Dr. Feelgood had a sound unlike the ubiquitous grandios rock bravado of the time. … Continue reading

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