Making Money – 2 Articles On Creating Your Own Success

Three dollar billYou can do better than that.

I bumped into a couple of great articles on working your money making music mojo and now I’m putting you in the know because that’s how I roll.

Both of these posts will fill your brain belly with thought food and hopefully have you staggering away from the buffet with some new ideas for making some cake.  (I have no explanation for the sudden burst of edible metaphors, but I’m going with it.)

Ok.  Have at it.

VanMusic - Vancouver Music Scene Blog

I just started following the VanMusic on twitter because I’m interested in the Vancouver music scene.  I got my eye on them just in time to catch their tweet about this article.  This post brings together all of the “price of admission” work we all should be doing to start making that all important buzzzzzz.  There is so much good stuff here; all things that will help get the snowball rolling!  How To Increase Gig Attendance

John Oszajca - Music Marketing Blog

Here is a great article and interview on John Oszajca’s blog with Bryan Vander Ark (the guy from The Verve Pipe) on doing house concerts as a source of income for musicians.  This is a very detailed interview on how Bryan started doing house concerts and built it into a six figure income.  And, most importantly, it’s loaded with ideas on how anybody can make this work.  Great stuff and a great blog on making a living playing your music!  Making A Living With House Concerts – An Interview With The Verve Pipe’s Brian Vander Ark

On a side note, Mr. Oszajca also has a great product for helping musicians of all stripes and goals learn to make a living in his Music Marketing Manifesto 2.0.  I’ve learned a ton from John and can highly recommend his program.  You should check it out!  (And if you use the following link and end up signing up, John will kick me down a few bucks – which of course helps me do my thing.)  Music Marketing Manifesto




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  • VanMusic

    Thanks for the mention friend:)

    • daniel

      No problem! I’m stoked to have found your site!

      • VanMusic

        Right on, if you liked that post, then check out this blog series that is provided from our friends at MicControl They wrote the article that you featured on this post.

        • daniel

          Awesome, I’m all over that!