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Ariel + Sivers + Microphone = Free Knowledge

Mitchell Wagons

Don’t bother getting out your reading glasses, I’ll make this quick. Somehow my youtube wanderings of the day dropped me into the profile of Ariel Publicity.  I blinked a couple of times and realized I was looking at a pile of videos from Ariel Hyatt’s ‘Sound Advice’ series where she is interviewing Derek Sivers.  These are from a couple of years ago and full of great stuff.  I can’t believe I hadn’t seen them before! For those of you who have been living under a rock, Derek Sivers is the guy who started CDBaby, built it into a huge successful company, … Continue reading

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The Music Industry Is Diseased – This Is Good!

Mask with poison symbol

  Howdy there music makers and lovers!  This is a shorty. What happens when you don’t take care of yourself?  When you refuse to see how your ways are toxic to your system?  Well, you get sick.  Diseased.  Heartbroken, or in this case just broke. Well, I can’t have that.  While the titans of the industry of music reap their just rewards for choosing to deposit their heads way deep in the sand (thought I was going to say something else didn’t you!), while they gape at the festering wounds and slowly come to the realization that the snake handler’s … Continue reading

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DIY Recording – 5 Free Resources

Recording Engineer

You Can Record Yourself Whether trying to preserve rough brainstorms or record a magnum opus, we musicians always have recording on our minds.  It’s never been easier to make a decent recording in your apartment or garage and turn around and start selling it on the internet.  Among all of the incredible opportunities brought on by the rise of cheap gear and the internet one thing that hasn’t changed is that it still takes skill to make your recordings sound good.  Knowing what to do with your equipment is arguably more important than what kind of gear you have.  Even … Continue reading

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