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The End Men – Build It Up

The End Men - Build It Up

Brooklyn’s The End Men have built themselves a kick ass debut with their EP ‘Build It Up’.  Matthew Hendershot’s voice will inevitably be likened to Tom Waits, and that’s probably a welcome comparison.  There is also a ‘Waitsian’ easy cleverness to the lyrics and their delivery.  One could be forgiven for thinking they were hearing a batch of newly unearthed rarities from the Waits vaults. But, It would be a mistake to define The End Men by the Waits comparison.  These songs are awesome and have a character of their own.  At a time when popular rock and roll seems … Continue reading

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The Hickoids Are Kicking It!

Hickoids - Kicking It With The Twits

  Jeff Smith of The Hickoids sent me their new CD ‘Kicking It With The Twits’ the other day and this thing kicks so much ass I just had to tell you. First a little history lesson.  You can get the whole sordid tale on their website but I’ll give you the brass tacks.  The Hickoids came out of Austin, TX in the late ’80s and took the raw, blasted sound of punk and kicked it hard with cowboy boot.  Or, come to think of it maybe it was the other way around.  Regardless, they have long been considered one … Continue reading

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