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DIY Recording – Get Your Music To Your Fans On The Cheap!

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Cripes!  It’s been what?  Over a month since my last post?  Wow.  I swear I’m not that lazy.  I’ve been spending a lot of time down at The Frock working on an exercise in extreme DIY recording with my band The Lovely Savages. New Band, No Money, Sound Familliar? In my opinion THE biggest challenge for any band is making that first decent sounding recording as cheaply as possible.  It’s the old catch 22: you don’t have money to record and you don’t have anything for getting gigs or to sell so that you can get money to record.  Without … Continue reading

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DIY Recording – 5 Free Resources

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You Can Record Yourself Whether trying to preserve rough brainstorms or record a magnum opus, we musicians always have recording on our minds.  It’s never been easier to make a decent recording in your apartment or garage and turn around and start selling it on the internet.  Among all of the incredible opportunities brought on by the rise of cheap gear and the internet one thing that hasn’t changed is that it still takes skill to make your recordings sound good.  Knowing what to do with your equipment is arguably more important than what kind of gear you have.  Even … Continue reading

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